CelinaSun Awnings Mounting Assembly Tension Screw Galvanised Steel

Product Description
Attachments for sun sail, safely mounted, available individually or as a set

High-quality CelinaSun mounting material made from stainless steel (V2A) or zinc (galvanized steel), can be used on its own or as a set for optimal use, for proper installation of the sun shade.

For direct attachment to the masonry, we recommend using a combination of wall eyelets and carabineer hooks. You can also use tension rods. This means that the sun shade can be perfectly stretched out.

For placement where there is no fixed structure (wall etc.), the sunshade can be attached to trees or over special securely fixed stainless steel posts using long cords, for example.

Stainless steel:
V2A is a stainless steel. It contains at least 10.5 % chrome alloy. Without any protective coating, this forms an invisible passive layer when exposed to oxygen. It is glossy silver in colour and easy to polish. The steel is resistant to water and humidity.

Galvanized steel:
Zinc coating means that the steel is coated with a thin layer of zinc, which protects against corrosion and rust. It is blueish-whitein colour.

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