Labgear LMA113F-LTE 13 dB 1-In 1-Out Low Noise Variable Gain Amplifier

Product Description
Enclosed in a moulded ABS weatherproof housing. Ideal for use in installations where the minimum recommended signal level (34dBuV) is to be delivered to the tuner. Improves signal strength in domestic and MATV systems. Reduces the likelihood of impulse interference problems. Includes integrated filter to remove signals from 4G mobile transmitters. Suitable for outdoor applications. Specifications:Frequency range: 470-790MHz (UHF). Gain per port: 13dB. Max. output level: 92dB uv. Noise figure: 1.7dB. Power input required: 12V DC 30-35mA. View more information.

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  • Low noise with optimal gain for digital
  • Ideal as pre-amp on larger systems
  • LTE800 filtering. Power supply unit (sold separately).
  • Fully screened modules tilt-out to make cable connection simpler
  • Heavy duty metal mast clamp for sturdy fitting. New weatherproof housing with foam seal.

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