XM LINE ROK48 2000/SM SAT Antenna Mast Pole, hot-dip galvanised steel, rustproof, 2,0 m/ø 48 mm

Product Description
Line ROK48/LED 2000/SM sat antenna mast mast, hot-dip galvanised steel, rust free, 2.0 m/Diameter 48 mm
Category 1: Satellite System Satellite technology sat mount antenna mast foot
•; Mast
• Length: 2 m
•; Diameter: 48 mm
• Sturdy stainless steel design
• Hot-dip galvanised, steel
This pole is a version with tongue and groove on to each end of the strap. With this tool you need to a the tab & slot Multiple connection poles a total length of 4 m, 6 m and etc Realiesieren.
Material: Steel, Galvanised
Length: 2000 mm
Pipe Diameter: 48 mm
Max. Bending Torque: 1150 Nm
German brand quality - 10 year guarantee
As a still be closed with Solten a mast cap the soap.

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  • Steck mast
  • Diameter: 48 mm
  • Length: 2 m
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel
  • Robust, stainless steel design

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