1aTTack 5m CAT5 UTP Network Patch Cables Set Twisted Pair with 2 x RJ45 (5 units) – White

Product Description
1aTTack Cat 5e network LAN cable with up to 100 network speeds for the network.

This high-quality brand CAT5e LAN cable is suitable for 10/100/1000/10,000 MBit Ethernet networks.
Thus, you can connect all devices such as PC, notebook, game consoles, routers, hubs, switches, DSL modems etc. easily to your network.

The powerful CAT 5e LAN cable is easy to use for all DSL speeds.

Occupancy 1:1 according to EIA / TIA 568B.
Twisted pair, 4x2xAWG27/7.
Inner conductor material: CCA.

Frequencies up to 100 MHz 2 x shielded RJ45 Western plugs (8-pin) with splashed bend and gold-plated contact surfaces.
Length indication on the kink protection sleeve.

Transfer rate: 100Mbit (0.1Gbit/s).
2 x RJ45 Western plugs.
Gold-plated contact surfaces (connectors).
Conforms with RoHS directive.
100% downwards as well as upwards compatible.
Includes kink protection cover for the plug.
Length indication on the anti-kink sleeve.
100% high quality insulation.
Suitable for home networks, corporate networks, routers, switches, hubs, patch panels, modems, power-lan, network printers, game consoles and more.

Add To WishlistPrice: £10.03
  • unshielded twisted pair cable
  • Pair EIA / TIA 568
  • with molded strain relief
  • Length on the spout, Slimline Boot
  • with gold-plated contact surfaces, suitable for all patch panels


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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    The most colourful connection to the internet that I’ve ever owned., 9 Dec. 2017

    By Amazon Customer

    Verified Purchase(What is this?)

    This review is from: 1aTTack 1m CAT5 UTP Network Patch Cables Set Twisted Pair with 2 x RJ45 (10 units) (Accessory)

    Ever thought “what happens if I make a rainbow daisy chain of ethernets connected to a router, a series of Raspberry Pis, and then finished at a PC?”… Yeah, no me neither…

    They’re perfect, I’ve been using them to not daisy-chain a load of Raspberry Pis toghether to get them to talk (which ended up more as a violent family dispute, than anything) and process information. They’re exactly what they look like. 1 metre ehternet cables as colourful as a childs crayon box and as fast as is wrote on the packaging.

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