AD8307 MODULE for RF Power Meter RSSI for ARDUINO or other MCU or stand-alone – (A)

Product Description
AD8307 MODULE for RF Power Meter RSSI for ARDUINO or other MCU or stand-alone Based on the Analog Devices AD8307AR chip, this module is a complete RF Power meter head for 50 ohm systems working from very low frequencies to more than 500 MHZ. The RF input SMA is terminated to a 52.3 - 0.1% Ohms resistor (R1) to match the AD8307 input resistance to 50 Ohms. It draws under 12 mA at 12 VDC and has two internal voltage regulators. For low noise operation, a special ultra low-noise 3.3 V voltage regulator is used. The TPS79333 is made by Texas Instruments and is optimized for RF applications. This one powers the AD8307 chip. Its input is connected to an on-board 5 V voltage regulator (LM78L05) to facilitate wide range for the input voltage. The AD8307 output voltage is routed to the output connector pin 5 for 25mV/dB measurements (O3). On that route, two 100 nF capacitors are connected to the ground and can be removed or modified. Space for installing optional scaling resistors (R3 and R4 of 1206 size) is provided. Two op-amp DC amplifiers (LM358) multiply the output voltage to 2x (50 mV/dB) routed to pin 4 (O2) and to 4x (100 mV/dB) routed to pin 3 (O1). If used, the op-amp chip should be powered by a higher voltage supply (say 12V) in order to be able to deliver higher voltages at higher RF levels. Again, the op-amp gain scaling resistors are of 1206 size for easier handling if should be changed for any reason. The PCB dimensions are 30 x 45 mm and a special gold-plated band is provided on the edges to help soldering any shielding material (copper clad board, tin etc).

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  • SV1AFN AD8307 RF Power detector PCB Module

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