DIY Digital Adjustable 4-20mA Current Signal Generator Analog Simulator Generator Constant Current Source with Polarity Protection

Product Description

Voltage range: the input power is DC 5-28v DC,  suggested the power supply is 12-24v DC. Standard current output range: 4-20mA. current output can be generated by manually adjusting the potentiometer on the product, which is used for the occasion of 4-20ma output of current simulation;
The current is adjusted smoothly, which avoids the faults such as the resistance mutation which is often produced by the ordinary carbon film potentiometer. With the current meter, display precision;
Fixed current output value: the output current can be automatically and constant at the setting point according to the customer's adjustment, and also can be used as a constant current source, and the current output should be no more than 20MA when used as a constant current source.

Current: 0-20mA
Size: 8.5 x 7 x 4.2cm/3.34 x 2.75 x 1.65inch
Weight: 185g

The output impedance matching problem of the current generator:
According to the formula: I=U/R (current = voltage divided by resistance)
So your power voltage divided by your signal internal resistance is the maximum current that your signal receiver can generate. In addition, our current generator has some internal resistance.

So here's the formula:
Power supply voltage/(customer's signal resistance + internal resistance of our current generator) = constant current output
Since the power supply of our module is 4-35v, the constant current generated by the module will not be sufficient if the power supply is low and the customer's internal resistance is larger. The signal matching requirements of our module are given below:
Power supply is 24V,  the signal internal resistance ≤ 1000 Ω; 12V, internal resistance ≤ 500 Ω; supply 5V, internal resistance ≤ 200 Ω

Package Included:
1 x  4-20mA Current Signal Generator

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  • Easy to use, convenient wiring, knob operation, the output signal immediately output after adjusting, no delay
  • The protection function is perfect: with the input voltage reverse connect protection , the power reverse connect, the instrument does not work, it will not be damaged by the reverse
  • The current regulation is very stable: the electric current is regulated by the wire-wound potentiometer
  • With dial, it can quickly locate and identify the running state of the equipment
  • Can be used in signal source generation, valve regulation, frequency converter control, PLC debugging, instrument test, led test, analog transmitter output

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