Midland G7 Pro 2-Way PMR446 Walkie Talkie Twin Radio Pack – Black

Midland G7 Pro 2-Way PMR446 Walkie Talkie Twin Radio Pack – Black

Product Description
After many years of success the glorious MIDLAND G7 – the transceiver most appreciated by fans of outdoor activities and the perfect combination of simplicity and efficiency ? renovates and arises in new version ?G7 PRO?.As the previous version, the G7 PRO is a robust and extremely reliable device that guarantees years of good performances and is an excellent technological solution to communicate in many situations: in professional activities or in leisure time. The new and modern design is the novelty that most affects at a first sight, as well as the wider LCD display, where all the icons and the activated functions can be clearly seen. Thanks to the new case, the radio can be powered in 4 different ways Besides the NiMH battery pack, the rechargeable or alkaline batteries, G7 PRO can also use the new (optional) Li-Ion 1200 battery pack PB-PRO (cod. C1148) that makes the radio 20% lighter also the technological core of the radio has been totally renewed so as to improve the functions, the versatility and the performances. Dual PTT allows to transmit in high or low power so as to prolong the battery life; besides the function eliminates the annoying rustle at the end of transmissions (this is possible if you communicate with the other radios that are equipped with the same function).has been considerably improved to guarantee clearer conversations. The new case is equipped with an easy access in the battery compartment to facilitate any technical check.

Price: £84.99

  • Dual Band LPD/PMR446 transceiver
  • Dual PTT for high/low power transmission and LCD display with backlight
  • VOX for handsfree communications
  • Call button with 5 tones selectable
  • Hi/low power selection (PMR band), Low battery indicator, Vibracall and Scan function

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