SainSmart DSO211 ARM Nano Mini Storage Pocket Portable Handheld Digital Oscilloscope

Product Description

   •Model :DS211
   •MCU :STM32F103VC
   •ADC :MCU internal ADC
   •Number of Channels :Analog channel 1 + 1 internal channel
   •Analog Bandwidth :200KHz
   •Maximum sampling rate :1MSa/s
   •Maximum memory depth :8K
   •Horizontal scanning speed :1uS/Div~2S/Div(1-2-5sequence step)
   •Vertical Sensitivit :20mv/Div~10V/Div(1-2-5sequence step)
   •Input resistance :1MΩ
   •Coupling :DC/AC
   •Trigger Mode :Ascend/Descend Edge Trigger Mode
   •Auto Adjustment mode :AUTO_FIT
   •Operation waveforms :-A, RecA, A + RecA
   •Signal output :Square wave, sine wave, triangle wave, sawtooth
   •Trigger Mode :Auto,Normal,Single,None,Scan
   •Measurements :Signal frequency / period / duty cycle, peak voltage / RMS / MAX / MIN / AVG
   •Storage :8MB built U disk
   •APP can be loaded quantity :1
   •Operating :button
   •USB Interface :Micro USB
   •Battery :550mAh
   •Screen size :2.8"
   •Screen Resolution :320 × 240
   •Machine size (L * W * H) :106.5mmX55.7mmX11.5mm
   •Weight (with battery) :65g
   •Open source case :Open source application layer
   •Authenticate :CE/FCC

Package List:

1x DS211 Digital Oscilloscope Device
1x Probe (X1)
1x Allen key
1x Self-printed paper manual


Add To WishlistPrice: £109.99
  • Compact rectangular housing, large display screen. Auto measurement: frequency/duty cycle, DC RMS voltage/Vpp /Vmax/Vmin.
  • Buttons on the side. Mini pocket sized, compact and lightweight.Synchronous mode: auto, normal, single, scan.
  • Store file as BMP, DAT, BUF, or CSV format. Use build-in flash disk to save/read waveform image.
  • Math waveforms: DATA, -DATA, Inp+D, Inp-D, -Inp. Output test signal: 10Hz-1MHz (1-2-5 sequence step).

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